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Extension to Consultation Deadline


Crofters across the country now have more time to make their mark on upcoming regulations.


The Crofting Commission has sent out almost 300 consultation documents asking for the views of those due to be affected by new legislation. Both consultations for the Grazing Regulations and the Duty to Report were due to close this Friday (the 22nd November) – they can now be returned by the 6th December 2013.

Convener Susan Walker said, “We have had a lot of calls from crofters who are unable to meet the deadline of 22nd November and obviously the feedback from crofters is vital. This extension will allow as many people as possible to reply so that their views are taken into consideration. The Commission wants to maintain a balance between the statutory requirements and the best working practice – but keep the valuable input from crofters at its core.”


“If you have not yet requested to see the consultation documents you can email to request electronic copies or call the Commission on 01463 663439 if you prefer a printed copy.”

The consultation on Grazing Regulations aims to get feedback on the newest guidance framework. It’s designed to give committees and shareholders clearer guidance about how to regulate their common grazings. Over 500,000 hectares across the country is designated common grazing, and the Commission want to encourage crofters to utilise this asset.

The Duty to Report consultation asks grazing committees to comment on the form that will be used by committees to give details on the condition of their common grazing and every croft sharing in it and other matters of interest to the Crofting Commission. The form will be completed by grazing committees once every five years.

We will use the consultation comments to finalise the form and grazing committees will then be asked to fill them in with their township information. We will analyse the statistics contained in the completed forms which will allow us to report to Ministers and the Scottish Parliament on challenges and opportunities for crofting communities.



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