The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Board Meetings

Commissioners sit as a Board to set policies and decide complex applications. Board meetings are normally held every 7 weeks.

Standing Orders relating to the conduct of meetings.

Want to "sit in" on our Board Meetings?

The Crofting Commission’s Board meetings are always open for members of the public to attend, however as we cannot get together in the usual office environment we are inviting folk to join our meeting via Teams.

You won’t be able to participate in the meeting but you will be able to see and listen to the Commissioners and Commission staff who are present.

In order to watch you will need to have Microsoft Teams on your computer/phone and register your interest by dropping us an email to to say you would like to watch the meeting. The day before the meeting we will send you a link to enable you to connect with us.

The meetings usually start at 09:30am - a copy of the Board Meeting Papers will be inserted below close to the date and an agenda is included within the papers.

Board Meetings in 2024.

23 January 2024Closed Special Meeting
06 February 2024Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.7MBMinutes PDF 741kB
20 March 2024Board MeetingPapers PDF 919kBMinutes PDF 153kB
27 March 2024Closed Special Meeting
08 May 2024Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.5MBMinutes PDF 139kB
26 June 2024Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.3MB
21 August 2024Board Meeting
09 October 2024Board Meeting
27 November 2024Board Meeting

Board Meetings in 2023.

08 February 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.7MBMinutes PDF 166kB
22 March 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 3.5MBMinutes PDF 211kB
10 May 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 15.6MBMinutes PDF 187kB
28 June 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.9MBMinutes PDF 190kB
16 August 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 3.1MBMinutes PDF 188kB
04 October 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.1MBMinutes PDF 204kB
31 October 2023Closed Special Meeting
06 December 2023Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.3MBMinutes PDF 214kB

Board Meetings in 2022.

12 January 2022Closed Special Meeting
08 February 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 2MBMinutes PDF 829kB
31 March 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 3.9MBMinutes PDF 168kB
12 May 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 3.7MBMinutes PDF 177kB
29 June 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.7MBMinutes PDF 197kB
18 August 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 3.1MBMinutes PDF 213kB
26 September 2022Strategy Meeting
27 September 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 2.7MBMinutes PDF 150kB
26 October 2022Closed Special Meeting
30 November 2022Board MeetingPapers PDF 2.8MBMinutes PDF 166kB

Board Meetings in 2021.

04 February 2021Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.3MBMinutes PDF 198kB
04 March 2021Special MeetingPapers PDF 787kBMinutes PDF 164kB
18 March 2021Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.4MBMinutes PDF 191kB
13 May 2021Board MeetingPapers PDF 2.3MBMinutes PDF 198kB
20 May 2021Closed Special Meeting
03 June 2021Closed Special Meeting
08 June 2021Closed Special Meeting
24 June 2021Cancelled
22 July 2021Closed Special Meeting
10 August 2021Board MeetingPapers PDF 2.2MBMinutes PDF 179kB
15 September 2021Closed Special Meeting
20 October 2021ExternalPapers PDF 1.9MBMinutes PDF 196kB
03 December 2021Board MeetingPapers PDF 2MBMinutes PDF 192kB

Board Meetings in 2020.

06 February 2020Board MeetingMinutes PDF 169kB
19 March 2020Board MeetingPapers PDF 1MBMinutes PDF 162kB
05 May 2020Minutes PDF 113kB
14 May 2020Papers PDF 3.3MBMinutes PDF 144kB
25 June 2020Papers PDF 2.2MBMinutes PDF 172kB
30 June 2020Agenda PDF 76kB
24 August 2020Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.1MBMinutes PDF 182kB
20 October 2020ExternalPapers PDF 779kBMinutes PDF 151kB
03 December 2020Board MeetingPapers PDF 1.1MBMinutes PDF 199kB

Board Meetings in 2019.

09 May 2019Board MeetingMinutes PDF 1.1MB

Board Meetings in 2018.

10 May 2018Board MeetingMinutes PDF 1.2MB

Board Meetings in 2017.

03 May 2017Board MeetingMinutes PDF 147kB

Board Meetings in 2016.

04 May 2016Board MeetingMinutes PDF 299kB

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