The Crofting Commission regulates
and promotes the interests of crofting in Scotland
to secure the future of crofting.

Applications and Notifications Received

Applications and notifications received between 26/09/2022 and 02/10/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11886428/09/2022Hillhead, SarcletWickDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11886528/09/2022FionncroftGairlochChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11885328/09/20229 TeavarronKiltarlityChange of croft name
11884928/09/20228 TeavarronKiltarlityChange of croft name
11883828/09/2022NoonsbroughAithstingDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11884828/09/202221 KilmuirDuirinishChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11881427/09/2022Balladen CroftWickDecrofting - S17 & S18 Feu V2
11881527/09/20226 Sand StreetStornowayAssignation V2
11881727/09/202266 North TolstaStornowayDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11881827/09/202266 North TolstaStornowayDecrofting - S17 & S18 Feu V2
11883727/09/202237 CollStornowaySubletting V3
11882927/09/202227 KnockStornowayAssignation V2
11883327/09/20227 Aultbea & DrumchorkGairlochChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11882127/09/2022PapilBurraSubletting V3
11883627/09/20227 Aultbea & Drumchork (share)GairlochBequest of a Tenancy
11882727/09/20225A Newton of KinkellUrquhart & Logie WesterChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11881027/09/20229 NewtonUrquhart & Logie WesterShort Term Letting V5
11877126/09/202228 Scalpay IslandHarrisDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11878826/09/20223 HeylipolTireeAssignation - 3(4) Share V2
11878926/09/2022Upper SwineyLatheronLetting of a vacant croft by Landlord V2
11876726/09/2022104 East HelmsdaleKildonanChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11879526/09/20227, 8 & 11 HungladderKilmuir (Skye)Change of Landlord of a tenanted croft
11879026/09/20226 CulconichGairlochChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11879226/09/202258 RhueLochbroomDecrofting - S17 & S18 Feu V2
11877026/09/202213 ClovulinArdgourDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11879326/09/2022234 BruernishBarraDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11878126/09/2022East HogalandBurraIntestate Succession V2
11876926/09/202222a BreascleteUigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
Applications and notifications received between 19/09/2022 and 25/09/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11875623/09/2022Wirlie, BurravoeYellAssignation V2
11874123/09/202232 Aird Of TongStornowayAssignation V2
11875723/09/202261 TarbetEddrachillesBequest of a Tenancy
11873022/09/2022Railway Croft, UnachanKilmallieChange of Landlord of a tenanted croft
11871922/09/2022Airor (Sea View)GlenelgAssignation V2
11871122/09/2022133 ClachtollAssyntConsent to be Absent
11871722/09/20221/2 2 & 3 BalgownKilmuir (Skye)Assignation V2
11871022/09/2022RhunamoineLochcarronOwner-Occupier Crofter Letting - V2
11869921/09/20226 ArdhasaigHarrisAssignation V2
11869521/09/2022Nettlehaa, Cuppaster, YellYellAssignation V2
11870421/09/20221 CladdachKilchomanDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11870821/09/2022StonyfieldCreichChange of croft name
11870621/09/2022EasthouseWhitenessChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11870021/09/20227 Keil, BenderlochArdchattan & MuckairnChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11870921/09/202213b CreichKilfinichen & KilvickeonDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11868120/09/20221A EdinbaneDuirinishDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11867920/09/20225 LeanishBarraDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11866620/09/2022VestinoreCunningsburghAssignation V2
Applications and notifications received between 12/09/2022 and 18/09/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11865816/09/2022EastwardNestingAssignation V2
11865616/09/2022The RunniesNestingAssignation V2
11865916/09/2022349 Wester AchnateirdGlenshielChange of Landlord of a tenanted croft
11865516/09/2022South DykeNestingAssignation V2
11864316/09/2022Peerie BeeniesWhalsayDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11866016/09/20223 LeackleeHarrisConsent to be Absent
11864516/09/2022133 ClachtollAssyntConsent to be Absent
11865716/09/2022Grunnafirth (apportionment and share)LunnastingAssignation V2
11863015/09/2022SpiggieDunrossnessChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11864115/09/2022Knowe, West YellYellBequest of a Tenancy
11862915/09/2022Mid ClythLatheronDivision by Owner-Occupier Crofter V3
11864215/09/20227 & 8 TomichUrrayChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11861514/09/20229 Borve, BernerayHarrisDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11862014/09/202211a HabostLochsSubletting V3
11862114/09/2022LandhallowLatheronChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11862314/09/2022Landhallow & SmerralLatheronChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11861014/09/2022Hill InvercharronKincardineAssignation V2
11860713/09/2022262 & 264 RearquharDornochDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11859813/09/2022160 EarsaryBarraConsent to be Absent
11859713/09/202224 ArdmhorBarraDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11860413/09/2022Nusterhouse, West SandwickYellAssignation V2
11859413/09/2022Rerwick (apportionment)DunrossnessAssignation V2
11859312/09/20224 & 5 CulinduneGlenelgExchange of Croft Land V2
11857112/09/202213 GarininUigDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
Applications and notifications received between 05/09/2022 and 11/09/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11856910/09/2022469 South LochboisdaleSouth UistSubletting V3
11855709/09/20226 GeshaderUigAssignation V2
11856009/09/202212 Scalpay IslandHarrisSubletting V3
11856309/09/20221/2 7 & 1/4 8 SaasaigSleatBequest of a Tenancy
11855109/09/2022WoodsideFoddertyDecrofting - S17 & S18 Feu V2
11855509/09/202245 NewmarketStornowayDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11856709/09/20228 BohuntinKilmonivaigBequest of a Tenancy
11854909/09/2022106 & 136 North Brora MuirClyneIntestate Succession V2
11853508/09/20221/3 13 Breacais IosalStrathBequest of a Tenancy
11853408/09/20221/3 13 Breacais IosalStrathBequest of a Tenancy
11851607/09/202210 BackStornowayAssignation V2
11851907/09/202223 Lower BarvasBarvasAssignation V2
11849207/09/20224 Mill ParkPortreeChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11852107/09/202235 GalsonBarvasAssignation V2
11851307/09/202243 Upper BaybleStornowayAssignation V2
11852707/09/20225 CrolovickUigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11851407/09/20227 North DellBarvasSubletting V3
11848207/09/2022MullingarrochAbernethyChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11850407/09/2022319 Pitfure (part)RogartChange of Landlord of a tenanted croft
11848107/09/2022North LeeLunnastingLetting of a vacant croft by Landlord V2
11849907/09/2022Hardbrakes LinksDunrossnessChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11850007/09/2022Hardbrakes LinksDunrossnessChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11850107/09/2022Hardbrakes LinksDunrossnessChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11853007/09/2022North Burnside CroftDaviot & DunlichityChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11853207/09/20227A GrimshaderLochsAssignation V2
11852007/09/20227A GrimshaderLochsAssignation V2
11852207/09/20228 CornaigbegTireeAssignation - 3(4) Share V2
11849807/09/2022127 & 1/2 128 PolglassLochbroomDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11846606/09/2022Mullingarroch MillAbernethyChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11846706/09/2022MullingarrochAbernethyChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11847606/09/20226 ArdhasaigHarrisAssignation V2
11847106/09/202262 DalchalmClyneChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11847506/09/2022Upper Sound (Share)LerwickAssignation - 3(4) Share V2
11847006/09/202243 LiniqueSouth UistApportionment 2019
11845205/09/202213 ArivruaichLochsBequest of a Tenancy
11844505/09/2022218 TullochCreichOwner-Occupier Crofter Letting - V2
11846005/09/2022RerwickDunrossnessRenunciation of a Tenancy V3
11845505/09/2022Pobis GeoDeltingAssignation V2
11845005/09/202211 North ShawbostBarvasAssignation V2
11845905/09/20222 CroftnagarnAbernethyChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11844605/09/20225 NewtonNorth UistApportionment 2019
Applications and notifications received between 29/08/2022 and 04/09/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11844304/09/2022Upper TullichKilmuir (easter)Decrofting - Part Croft V5
11843002/09/2022Burnside CroftGlenorchy & InnishailDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11840702/09/20222 GalterigillDuirinishSubletting V3
11840602/09/202217 RushgarryHarrisDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11840502/09/20229 DurnamuckLochbroomChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11842902/09/20221 BalgownBracadaleDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11841502/09/202220 SwordaleStornowayAssignation V2
11841102/09/2022TrebbCross & BurnessChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11840902/09/20221 ConistaKilmuir (Skye)Change of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11842302/09/2022Booth ParkWhalsayChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11842402/09/2022Booth ParkWhalsayChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11839701/09/2022218 TullochCreichOwner-Occupier Crofter Letting - V2
11839001/09/202215b New GarrabostStornowayLetting of a vacant croft by Landlord V2
11837901/09/2022207 MigdaleCreichDivision by Owner-Occupier Crofter V3
11838001/09/202223 TolstachaolishUigAssignation V2
11839101/09/202211 Scalpay IslandHarrisSubletting V3
11835031/08/2022130 North Brora MuirClyneDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11836331/08/202211 Lower BaybleStornowayDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11836031/08/2022Mill Croft (teagait)KilmorackChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11834431/08/202232 ArnolBarvasApportionment 2019
11835131/08/2022HaddNorthmavineSubletting V3
11836831/08/202222a BreascleteUigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11834631/08/20229 CarinishNorth UistDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11835231/08/2022GribunKilfinichen & KilvickeonShort Term Letting V5
11835531/08/2022Lower DalnaclachLogie (easter)Change of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11836931/08/2022North LeeLunnastingLetting of a vacant croft by Landlord V2
11833231/08/202271 Strathcanaird (Share)LochbroomAssignation V2
11836531/08/2022DuncansbyCanisbayDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11834731/08/2022Brybeg, AlliginApplecrossDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11833031/08/20225 West KilbrideSouth UistAssignation V2
11834031/08/2022WestsideDunnetChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11833331/08/202275 Strathcanaird (shares)LochbroomAssignation V2
11834231/08/20227 Kallin GrimsayNorth UistDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11834131/08/20227 Kallin GrimsayNorth UistChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11836431/08/202222 KnockduLairgChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11833731/08/2022SundaleSandstingIntestate Succession V2
11832831/08/2022North Quat-QuoyFirthDecrofting - Whole Croft V3
11832730/08/20222 LybsterReayDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11831430/08/20224 Seaforth HeadLochsBequest of a Tenancy
11831630/08/20221 HabostBarvasBequest of a Tenancy
11832030/08/2022Gramsdale Inn LandsSouth UistChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11829830/08/202219 EdinbaneDuirinishSubletting V3
11829930/08/2022Clash VaanFoddertyChange of Landlord/Owner Occupier of a Vacant Croft
11830130/08/2022GribunKilfinichen & KilvickeonShort Term Letting V5
11826129/08/2022NewtonBressayDivision by Tenant V3
11829329/08/2022Wart, West Sandwick, YellYellDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11827429/08/20224b RanishLochsIntestate Succession V2
11827729/08/20228 InveroyKilmonivaigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11827929/08/20228 InveroyKilmonivaigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
Applications and notifications received between 22/08/2022 and 28/08/2022
Case NoDateCroft NameParishCase Type
11824326/08/2022141 West Helmsdale (Share)KildonanIntestate Succession V2
11824226/08/2022141 West HelmsdaleKildonanChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11822525/08/2022The OrdContinConsent to be Absent - Extension
11821624/08/2022160 EarsaryBarraConsent to be Absent
11820323/08/2022OccumsterLatheronChange of Owner-Occupier Crofter
11819123/08/20227 Upper InveroyKilmonivaigDecrofting - Part Croft V5
11820023/08/20221/2 4 DunanStrathDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11819023/08/20225 South DuntulmKilmuir (Skye)Decrofting - CHS & GG V3
11819623/08/202221 & 22 Locheport Pier GroundNorth UistDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11819223/08/202217 Lower BaybleStornowayDecrofting - CHS & GG V3
11816922/08/20222 South BragarBarvasBequest of a Tenancy
11816622/08/20221 Diabeg (Share)ApplecrossAssignation V2
11818222/08/202253 Aird, BernisdaleSnizortDecrofting - Part Croft V5
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