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Register of Crofts (ROC)

There are 20,566 crofts entered on the Commission’s Register of Crofts of which 14,898 are tenanted and the remainder are owned.

The Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 requires the Register to contain an entry for each of these units giving;

  • the name, location, rent and the extent of each individual croft,
  • the name, age and date of birth of the tenant and the landlord(s),
  • the landlord's address and, where the tenant's address is different from the croft, the tenant's address,
  • details of any rights held in common grazings.

The information held on the Register of Crofts is in the public domain and a person is entitled to request from the Commission a copy or extract from an entry in the Register of Crofts.

The ROC also contained a separate entry for “deemed crofts".  Deemed crofts are when a crofter purchases his/her croft land and the grazings shares pertaining to that croft remain held in tenancy they are “deemed” to be a separate and distinct croft in their own right. As such these are given an individual entry in the Commission’s Register of Crofts (ROC). See our Factsheet below.

Full details of the information required to be contained in the Register can be found in Section 41 of the Act.

Deemed crofts

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